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lot of sample
Awesome Flipper Zero
Flipper Zero Unleashed Firmware
Rogue Master
firmware recovery (back+ok 30second=dfu + qFlipper)
documentation "officiel"
Flipper Maker
cheat XP
compiler et installer par USB un firmware(".../flipperzero-firmware$ ./fbt flash_usb")

fréquence du flipper (flipperzero-firmware/documentation/DangerousSettings.md : 300-348 MHz, 386-464 MHz, and 778-928 MHz)
reboot dfu
to reboot in DFU mode: : flipperzero-firmware/documentation/KeyCombo.md
Flipper Build Tool (./fbt faps, ./fbt flash_usb, debug, etc ...)
in case "[ERROR] Error: Need more free space in internal storage. Stopping update.",
do this "dfu-util -D dist/f7-D/f7-update-local/flipper-z-f7-full-local.dfu -a 0"
(flipper must be in DFU mode : flipper off, back+left, "a couple of second", release back and keep left until blue light, release left, $ dfu-util)